Re-thinking Mediterranean worlds: a new narrative for a global ethic

in-person and online seminar

Thursday, March 31, 2022

4:00-6:00 pm   (CEST)

Paul-Valéry University -  Montpellier  France

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The seminar intends to address several current issues based on the book

 Re-storying Méditerranean Worlds: New Narratives from Italian Cultures to Global Citizenship,

edited by A. Biancofiore and C. Barniaudy, New York, Bloomsbury, 2021.


 - How to re-situate the Mediterranean worlds in a new narrative that is connected to local and global cultures?

 - Is it possible to generate spaces of peace and dialogue in the face of geopolitical conflicts?

 -To what extent can literature produce literary narratives that become political narratives?

 - How do citizens' narratives manage to dislocate the official history of Mediterranean cultures?

 - The Charter of Palermo: how to establish new legal procedures for the reception of refugees within the framework of a global citizenship?


Angela Biancofiore, Professor of Italian Studies (ReSO, Research on Southern and Eastern cultures)

What is the role of Mediterranean literature today in a globalized world, in the face of the ecological and humanitarian crisis?


Raffaele Cattedra, Professor of Geography, University of Cagliari Italy

Dislocating the official narrative: an investigation on the geopolitics of Mediterranean narratives


Jean Duflot, journalist, author of a book of interviews with Pasolini, winner of the Monluc Resistance and Freedom Prize

The Palermo Charter: how international law envisages a global citizenship in the face of the humanitarian crisis


Vittorio Valentino, Assistant Professor, La Manouba University Tunis

Re-thinking Mediterranean literature in the light of ecocriticism


Clément Barniaudy, Senior Lecturer in Geography University of Montpellier

On the ways of inhabiting the Mediterranean worlds




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